And then, after a long stretch of time…

Okay – I don’t know how long it’s been since I titled this and then didn’t write a post…

The thing is, I’m wanting to start a new, private blog for writing stories to do a 500 words per day challenge…but when I started making it, but before I got it set up how I wanted…I lost track of it.

How does one just LOSE a blog?


What’s Next? 

Okay so….

I make one entry and then, hmmm, where did Sam go? Did something happen to her?

No worries. I’m fine. I just haven’t been able to put inspiration together with uninterrupted time so I could write and publish an entry.

Fortunately, I have a plan! It’s a writing challenge I want to do. I’m not starting tonight because it’s late. I believe I’ll begin tomorrow, but don’t hold me to that. It may be this weekend before I get to it.

Soon. Very soon! 

The Return

My name is Samantha, although I usually go by Sam or Sammie. It’s been a good while since I’ve kept a blog. In fact, the only one I ever kept and updated regularly, I didn’t call a blog. 

That was back in the day of the AOL Journals. I didn’t know anything about “blogging” then. But everyone knew what a journal was, right? I suppose that was why AOL called them journals; it sounded more familiar, more personal, than “blog“. 

So many years have gone by that it’s difficult for me to remember exactly what I thought then. So, I’m not sure how long it took, or how many journals by AOL members I read, before I decided I wanted to write one myself. However long that was, I do remember that it took me a while to get my first entry to a point where I was willing to post it. Even then, I wasn’t satisfied with it; I must have reread it a hundred times, before and after I posted it, trying to figure out how it could be changed to appear more polished, less amateurish.

Eventually, I pushed through my worries on the specifics of my first post and just dove into the world of journaling on AOL. Before I knew it, I was quite comfortable with it all and making new friends with several of the lovely people who were journaling there. 

Of course, life can’t stay the same indefinitely; at some point, things will change. So inevitably, something happened; AOL shut down their Journals; between my indecision and procrastination, I managed to lose my written record of adventures in trucking. One small consolation of sorts – my world went topsy-turvy around that time, so it didn’t matter much that I didn’t get my journal saved, as it would have just gotten lost in the mess my life spiraled into. 

I know that’s overly brief; not explaining things well at all. I am refraining from going into things in depth just now. I don’t want my beginning post here to be incredibly lengthy.

So – until next time!